Listening to: Story-Story: Voices From The Market (the podcasts)

Story-Story, the award-winning soap produced by BBC World Service Trust has spanned over ten decades.  It airs exclusively on over 50 radio stations, reaching 13 million people.

It is set in a fictional Nigerian marketplace and documents the lives of its traders and the ordinary people connected to them as they take on issues that befall their daily existence; some good (love, determination to rise above poverty, chasing of dreams) and some bad (child labor, corruption, bad governace).

It's narratives, often didactic,  show how seemingly ordinary people make decisions that alter the course of events that effect the community at large.

Story-Story is not recorded in a studio but on locations such as market places, corridors and suitable open spaces to create that cinematic effect similar to screen.

To catch up on new and previous episodes, the podcasts can be downloaded here.


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