I write poetry, fiction, culture and opinion pieces and my interest in the arts and all its varied forms—music, fashion, film, theatre—provide me a surfeit of topics to brood upon. My writings have appeared in a bevy of outlets  such as Prairieschooner, BellaNaija, YNaija, The Sentinel Nigeria and LIP Magazine Australia.

Being Nigerian and having spent all my years among a people whose daily existence totter from the norm and obtainable to the incredulous and absurd, a people rich in cultures and experiences that drift from the sublime to the sour—from the call of the street hawker to the pomposity of the titled man—all these fuel my  creativity with an irrepressible need to document my memories.


  1. Your story in Bakwa is what brought me here. It is rendered in memorable language, feeling, and description. Reminded me of my own work. Keep it up. Work hard. Read widely. You will get much better.


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