Career-Crush: Nikki Ogunnaike, Senior Fashion Editor at ELLE

Nikki Ogunnaike has risen in ranks as a member of the fashion military and her long - standing career in the field of fashion editing has earned her the stripes.

Though young, Nikki  has had a  high-grade accent in her career in the world of fashion .

However, her beginning was humble. The Nigerian-American graduate of Sociology and Media Studies from University of Virginia started off as an intern who often worked for free for magazines such as Vanity Fair, Elle and Harpers Bazaar before landing an editorial assistant job at In Style. Soon enough she was promoted to assistant editor before moving over to as its Senior Digital editor, a role she played for four years.

She joined in 2015 as Senior Fashion Editor and churns out 2-3 articles daily amidst a busy schedule of meeting with designers, visiting showrooms and making market appointments.

In an interview with, Nikki admits that though the job on the outside may appear glamorous as many erroneously assume, fashion editing requires a strong knack for writing and an eye for fashion.

"It’s also about reading and digesting other people’s work. Read the New York Times, read the Business of Fashion, and also read Complex and People. Read, read, read, study your craft and study your trade. I think that’s how you stay in the industry.”

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