5 Fashion Bloggers Blazing The Trail

2007 was the year fashion blogging boomed astronomically- just about the time the internet was worming its way into our lives-  and the wild growth of the fashion blogospere has aided the decentralization of power top designer houses and celebrities had over trends, rising to the involvement of everyday consumers who believed they had more than just a thing to offer the fashion world.  And many savvy African chics refused to be left out of the soiree.

Here are five girls blazing the trail with their unique styles and rich contents:

1. Ada Oguntodu

Ada's whimsical style is not for the faint of heart. She is what the streets of New York Fashion Week are made of.Her unpredictable sartorial twists and turns keep you expectant at what next she would brew out of her vibrant wardrobe.
A post shared by Ada (@ada_oguntodu) on

A post shared by Ada (@ada_oguntodu) on

2.Love Ajagbe 

Much more than fashion blogging, Love is a burgeoning shoe and head wrap designer and stylist. She shows a steady penchant for made in Nigeria items, helping younger designers showcase their works in her blog and Instagram page. Her ensembles are playful yet chic and never far from impressive.

3. Agatha  Ashiofu 

Though she moonlights as a blogger, Agatha handles her fashion like its full-time business. Often opting for feminine silhouettes, her undeniable love for floral prints and ankara infuses a dose of color to her unforgettable style.

4.Nike Ojekunle 

 Dark and lovely Nike with-the-big-hair lives a "shoe-obsessed life". And the obsession did not end with the shoes. Her love for sunglasses which she dons so often has her thinking of creating a line of her own.

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5. Shirley B. Eniang 

 There is no slowing down for 27 year old mathematician turned fashion's favorite IT girl with over 6 million views on her YouTube channel and features in top magazines. The beauty and life-style enthusiast is hardly a new-comer to the fashion blogosphere and has proved that consistency pays in the world of fashion.
A post shared by Shirley B. Eniang (@shirleybeniang) on

A post shared by Shirley B. Eniang (@shirleybeniang) on


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