This Could Be You

‎This could be you
Savouring the warm taste
Of your own company
Under your tongue 
Feeling yourself 
Giggling away at memories
Laughing at your mistakes  
But you'd rather be with a crass somebody
Hiding away the bones of his ineptitude 
In a closet of alibis

This could be you 
Laying abed  in this quiet room
Sound of rain on pavement
Soothing your mind
Shoes off, clothes off
But you're nursing a drink
In a lonesome bar hearing Asa sing 
Of waiting for the one
Who never comes

This could be you 
Dreaming of distant lands and shores
Of constant but quiet hum of electricity
But you are frothing at the mouth
Grating like my neighbour's generator 
At the one who said, I am fed up with you
I'm tired of feigning this is working 

This could be you
Kicking ass, slaying
But even the timbre of your own voice
And the thudding of your heartbeat
Frightens you

This could be you
Growing, basking in the Sun
But you are almost dying
Wilting away‎ in an airtight corner
Your branches bowed in shame 

This could be you....


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