Men As Shoes

 Two women had this conversation. They were looking at someone's display picture on BBM.

"Where do these sharp girls find all these polished men?" One asked. "I need a formula"

"Do you know I've never dated anyone sophisticated?" asked the other . "I keep finding diamonds in the rough."

"Diamonds keh? Please let me hear word. What you've been finding are broken pieces of glass you mistook for precious stones"

" Obi was OK nah...."

"He was not polished at all...."

"Zach was nice...."

"The Aboki did not shine him hard enough."

"Imo was still evolving, if only I gave him a chance"

"My friend, don't even go there. Those smelly shoes that never saw sunlight."

"What of Tobe?"


"He was an Italian shoe, straight from the carton, never been worn."

Her friend nodded in agreement. "Strong Italian leather." 

"But...but he didn't let me wear him."


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