Strong Is The New Black

"the strongest men are the fewest and the strongest women die alone too"
-C. Bukwoski‎.

Strong is the new black.
My ladies are strutting to the rhythm 
Of Destiny's Child's "Survivor", 
Sinach's "I know who I am."

We are living strong. 
We are writing strong. 
We are talking strong.
We don't want no scrubs.
But no one is warning us
That most times, 
The strongest women die alone.

If you're going to battle all night like Israel,
Wresting blessings from the Angel of God;
If you're going to topple society's status quo on its back;
If you're going to stare down life's mundane dictates;
You must conquer your fear of loneliness. 

I do not suggest you cannot have it all:
A man to love, babies to make,
A cause to fight, your life to live.

But if you dream of having your name in lights,
With streets surnamed by your name,
Then you must be unafraid of being alone. 

I am no harbinger of bad news.
This poem is just an alarm.
It is the "Smokers are liable to die young" warning after a cigarette ad.
It is the cautionary "Drink responsibly" after a Guinness ad.

Strong men do not have it worse. 
Women love to cuddle up beside them and be warmed by the amber's of their tout biceps.

But strong woman-
There something in your eyes that would curdle milk,
There's something in your smile, tough and flinty,
Something fierce about you that many won't find attractive. 

Strong is the new black.
But be warned soul sister:
Most times, the strongest women live alone.


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