For women who are tempted to make do

Tell him you've been loved
Deeply and sincerely
That you have had the full loaf of affection
Hot, fresh
Straight from the oven
Tell him you will not scamper for crumbs
Falling off the stingy mouth of a stranger

For Love 
He drags a one-eyed bull to your altar
And tells you to manage
For affection
He offers an ear of shrivelled corn
And says "Well, this is all I have to give"

Tell him
That you are not the household pet
That rejoices at its master's leftover 

Tell him
That you have stood side by side
with the image of the real thing
And you will not grovel
For a mere shadow

Tell him 
That you are not teething at the concept of love
Tell him you're no learner 
That vigils have been kept
Flights have been missed
All for the luxury of your company


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