The little acts of self-love

Self-love is not another ultramodern, cute, cheesy, insular concept that is divorced from the simple acts of everyday.

It is washing your own dishes more vigorously, less shoddily because the guest you're about to serve is you.

It is breaking habits like picking your teeth till your gums bleed.

It is ditching your brother's glasses and visiting your eye doctor for your own prescription. 

Self-love is buying orbit in the traffic jam.

Self-love is refusing to let the quack beautician use superglue for your faux lashes.

It is visiting your dentist. It is spending the weekend with your bestfriend rather than in the company of that boy that doesn't care two kobos about you.

Self-live is taking a bath at night, brushing your teeth at night not just when you want to snuggle up with a lover, for you too deserve freshness of breath when you wake up in the morning. 

Self-love is not rocket science. 
It is wearing less often those designer heels that threaten to shatter your ankles with pain.

It is just as simple as going to bed when your eyes are tired.
Self-love is as simple as taking a selfie before you do that.‎


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