Once I Stalked A Beautiful Woman

I stalked a beautiful woman
A few years ago
When my gait was still shy
And I was not yet beautiful

I stalked a beautiful woman
With quivery  bosom and 
Ample hips
She had a dainty walk on heels
And a loud talk I heard
Even in my dreams

I tried her walk on heels
Buy my ankles got swole
Stuffed my chest with tissue
But they fell off by the way
I tried her loud talk
But my voice was too deep

A day came and she gave me a ride home
I sat flushed in her presence 
Her beauty stifling  me
I ran up the stairs ‎and cried 
For my tongue had failed me
I wished I asked the questions
Now milling in my heart

For some time 
She went away from our very little town 
I sat on her spot in church each Sunday
For I wanted to see the world
Through the eyes of this pretty woman

Then she returned 
Even more beautiful as you please
Bosom still quivery
But I no more was enthralled
Hips still ample 
But no more was I dazzled
Her talk was still loud 
But it ceased to feature in my sleep

And I never ever stalked the beautiful woman
For I too had become beautiful


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