Emotional Detox

If you're tired of being passed from arm to arm to arm like a child carried by every guest at its naming ceremony;

Or you're tired of taking detours, avoiding some streets because in them you have erected monuments of heartbreak which you haven't forgiven yourself for;

Perhaps you're tired of being trifled with like a slab of meat on the butcher's table that everyone fingers and haggles without buying;

If you're tired of having lost your originality because your ideas have  been drowned by voices of lovers past;

Then you need some time away to breathe.

Love is magical, I know, but it's dazzling splendour is not your prescription for such a time as this.

Love is sweet, I understand, but you've had too much of it that it has drilled holes in your teeth. 

Now come away for you have spread yourself too thin like blue band on every slice of bread and I am just concerned that one day, you might just disappear.


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