My Ecclesiastical Musings.

1. There is a thing I have seen and observed in the affairs of lovers, in the affairs of men and the women in their lives. For I heard them in the moonlight, whispering after an energetic romp,and I perceived the ineptitude of their pillow-talk, and how misleading the words uttered in their moment of euphoria were.

2. For gone are those days men declared their assets to their beloved, while her soft laps pillowed their heads as she stroked it. Samson tried it and his eyes were gorged out by his enemies.
But what more can they do but for them to mouth their sweet nothings?Yet I say, Woe betide those who stake their lives on pillow-talks. Love is shown, not only in the soft cushions of scented beddings but also when the heat and pressures of life come pressing in. Love is questionable if the only time it is declared is amid a romp, while you are breathing hard down my neck.

3. There is an Ibo proverb that the lizard fell from a great height and landed on his belly. He looked left and right,awaiting a round of applause but no one paid him heed. Then he nodded severally and said to himself, 'If no one would sing my praise, I would go on and praise myself.'

4. Child, unless you are powered by a deep resolve and sheer willpower to enjoy life and the work of your hands which it has apportioned you, you would be muffled by the world's undue expectation of you.

5. I looked under the sun and observed:

- that marriage is over-rated: society's false panacea prescribed for all of life's woes; a snake oil to all of life's ills.

-and many have children not because they want to but because society would question if they didn't. Children have become women's gift to their men as a proof of their virility. A child, often, is what a woman uses to shut the trap of a nagging mother-in-law.

6. Child, there are some sweet things you would know in due time that would make your meals tastier, your gait comelier and your sleep sweeter. But if you know them wrongly, it would leave a gaping hole throbbing between your thighs.

7. There is a vacuum in the shape of Deity,lounging in the deep crevasses of the human heart; everything that tries to fill this void wobbles pathetically.

8. For vanity upon vanity, all is vanity.


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