More Than These

I am more than these
More than my bespectacled self
More than this quiet smile
More than this crude accent.

I am more than these
More than this shy gait
More than these unvarnished nails
More than these old braids

You love me now
Cause I feel like comfy shoes
Like your granny's rocking chair
Like your favorite spot on your sofa.
You are eager to reach for me now
For all you see is:

This bespectacled girl with a crude accent
With old braids and unvarnished nails
Walking towards you with a shy gait.

But I am more than these small eyes
More than the birthmarks above my lips
More than these flared nostrils
More than those fearful resistances.

You adore this that I am
But would you love that which I'm becoming?

Would you feel dimmed
In my brightness?
Would you feel dwarfed
In my rising?
When this gait straightens
And my smile like a cloak
Puts on confidence
Would you still adore me?

I am your leaky faucet
And you are my eager plumber
Sweat on your kind brows as you get to work
And I yield to your earnest touch
Oh how I love the feel of your hands as you fix me!

But when I drip no more
When I stoop no more
And when I'm shy no more
Would you take flight?

Now is you time to strut in spotlight
Now is your moment to wriggle in limelight
But when you see my name in lights
Would you feel snuffed out?

Do you love me now
Cause I give you room to glow?
And would you adore me still
When I begin to beam?

Now, I am in the hands of the Sculptor
Being molded to shape
And chiseled to conformity
But when it's time to reveal me to the world,
Would you feel sidelined?

For I tell you again
There is more to me
Than this bespectacled girl
With a crude accent
With Old braids
And unvarnished nails
Walking towards you in her shy gait.


  1. Hmmmmmmn! Dis is a big question to really ask.thnx love,cos dis has brought some nice thoughts to me!

  2. Uche, really got 2 me. Lovely great piece

  3. You are amazing girl! I love this piece, its so pure,rich and amazinggg

  4. Did you actually write this?

  5. This is wonder-filed, spiced by the spirit that dwells in the tree of self-esteem; yes, 'one's more than that.'
    we are who we say,
    not moment's prey.
    We are who we nail on the cross of words,
    not the many pieces conditions slice us into with bending swords.

    Nice one.

  6. Omar, Keep writing. Don't stop. Just go ahead. Are you still in KW?

  7. This is beautiful. every word is sewn into the stream like a wonderful word tapestry. it is impressive not just in diction but in the depth and sincerity of the piece. really really enjoyed reading your poem Omar


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