Police Benediction

May they forget to strap on their seat belts
May they forget their drivers' licences
May they carry overload
And may they over speed.

May their cars have no inner lights
May there be thick hold-up
May they have some loose change
To slip into my fingers.

Let there be no robbery scene
I have no energy to pursue
No hit and run driver
I have no time to investigate.

But let there be a generous tip
Let me catch a drunken driver
Let there be a thick hold-up
Today I need some loose change.



  1. Another beautiful piece. a stark potrayal of a societal malaise.
    Chimaobi Ugoala

  2. Wow!! Thoughtful Write up... D raw truth...

  3. Loosely satirical. Great message. The language and arrangement of this piece is as good as policemen on out highways.


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