Of Animals And Lovers

There I sat at my corner, seeking answers within my soul, and I realized that in love, romance alone is just not enough. It is only a trifle compared to the main thing. Mere animals with their little reasoning also know how to be enamored with each other.
For I looked outside my window and I observed two dogs licking each other's lips, taking time to smell each other's bottom.
I saw the seedy billy-goat mount the nanny-goat in plain view- they are so enraptured they do not deign to take cover, defying motorists and passers-by.
I saw the impassioned cockerel give the little hen a spirited chase.
If these beasts devoid of much reasoning know the throes of passion, then more is expected of men.
A love based only on the hinges of coitus and passion is missing the forest for the trees.


  1. Another masterpiece! Always enjoy your posts. Good work,Uche.


  2. I have made a resolution to face my coding life this year and pay little attention to literature but here you are dragging me back with glee. This is short but it is full of energies. Thought-provoking piece and the end got my head spinning. I hastily went for painting brushes trying to paint "A love based only on the hinges of coitus and passion is missing the forest for the trees."

    10/10 on this, Mss Omar.

  3. Hurray!10/10?
    (Chanting: Go Uche...Go Uche!)

  4. Ubani-Roberts, francisJune 9, 2013 at 4:18 PM

    Good one again Uche. Always on point. But I still think u left us hanging, what's missing if love can't be based on the "hinges of coitus and passion"? what makes it incomplete?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Rob, thanks. Now that's something I need to work on.

  6. That is a good one.love comes with passion( ready to die)love as we call it grows old as the day go's on does wound dat lay on noticed will now be noticed by a little strik from the opponent.


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