Ashes of the charred corpses
Settle and
If you have just been singed
Go in and nurse you burns

When normalcy returns
Would she recognize
The place she had only left?
These houses
Bearing our childhood memories
Weep and crumble
Squeezed by the hands of a destroyer
These stores torched to ashes
Years and years of accomplishment
Gone out the window

My daughter’s playground is empty
Lissome Bukky staggers
Who knocked off her comely gait?
A private garden has been trashed
Not by one
They took turns.

Ear piercing guttural wails
Startles the silence
It is a heart inundated with pain
Calling to God
Wondering if he hears

Hundreds gone in unmarked tombs
A handful survive, left in a world perverse
With only stories to tell

What do I make of this blackened field?
Is the fate of the survivor
Only to tell tales?



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