Don't Tell Me The Moon Is Falling

Don’t tell me the moon is falling
Or that you’ve found the circle in the sky
That hides God.

I would not debate with you
Over how long Adam’s beards were
Nor on Jesus’s shoe size.
It won’t put food on my brother’s table.

Tell me where to find my
neighbour’s son
Who went to sell sachet water
But has not returned
Tell me that young man has resigned from the bomb factory
Tell me my granny’s pension
And my mother’s salary’s been paid.

Tell me you have found the cure for AIDS.

Don’t tell me the moon is falling
Or that you have discovered
With scientific exactitude
The size of the sun

Call me when you have found the clue
To the riddle of malnutrition
Tell me one word
To end the word ‘war’.

Don’t tell me with exact precision
The millions lodged in that bourgeoisie’s account
Nor bring me news that he has built another mansion on sea in Dubai
Call me when he builds a school in my hometown                               
And a library in the city.
You have discovered the statistics of the dead
(That's good)
Now tell me what to do to keep the living
From toeing that  path
Tell me what would hold their breath till the next day.
Don’t tell me the moon is falling
For it won’t bring food to my brother’s table.


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