A Sabbatical from Love

The elasticity of this plastic smile
Has drawn near its breaking point
These routines make my heart
Bleed for boredom
So tonight
I take a leave from us

I could return
I might
If my heart should ever recall
How to beat to the rhythm of your name

Drag files of my memories
To the recycle bin of your heart
Then maybe, if it suits you
Put up ads for vacancy

But I would only return
(Though I doubt)
When my smiles reach my eyes, my soul
When my moans, no longer are rehearsed
I might return
Only when my mind’s been freed
From the names it whispered in its dreams
Till I do not need repeat to a new lover
Tired lines I fed the old ones

So tonight
I un-hang my love from this swinging pendulum
Let it be freed from this vacillation
This… dilly-dallying
No, it’s not you; it is I
You deserve more
You deserve more than this oscillatory emotions


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