Unseen Hands

They say our faith is our crutch
What we use to excuse away our inabilities
Wish they knew
It’s much more than that
It is our spinal cord
We'd be 'vegetable' without it

In the place where I grew up
Solipsism is sham                                                                                                                     
Atheism, a luxury many cannot afford

For without warning
I could awake submerged in flood
I could get news that Uncle got blown away in church
Auntie could be in that last flight to Abuja
A drunken mob could stone junior to death in school
For what he didn't do

I need those Unseen hands
To keep the waters of river Niger
Confined in its banks
I need those Unseen hands
To thwart the machinery of the bomber
Let those hands bear up the plane Auntie’s in
Let them keep the angry mob away from junior’s school

When all things fail
I need belief in something higher than I
Let those hands bear up the bus I shall ride in to town
Keep Mama’s soup fresh when there’s power outage
Let them help me find a taxi fast enough
When granny has her fainting spells
I need them to remind government
That my school’s been shut for six months

Stop eyeing me
Because my ‘Amen’ is loudest in church
Listen, I need hope
My school’s been shut for six months!
(And preach on preacher!)
Tell me I am not statistics
Tell me success has no geographical location
Tell me greatness is no respecter of persons
That I am not empty-headed because I was born at
Such a time as this
Oh lead me to a rock higher than I

I need those hands to wield the affairs of my life
For those who promised me a bright future
Have snuffed out all the light and are having a field day in the dark

I won’t judge you
I can understand if you do not need them
Cause you've got 911 in your place
Even if we had 911 over here
Would the thick hold-up let them get to my destination timely?

I need those hands, men
Cause over
We  just have to live by faith


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