I Was Blind

I was blind
And you were my Seeing Eye dog
But you wandered off
To eat a juicy bone

And I was
The sugar in your tea
But you were hot water
Crumbling me

We were actors
Rehearsing a scene backstage
But when the curtains drew
Another took my place

You were a building
I, the scaffolding
That must be done away with
When ‘building’ must progress

Wasn't it yesterday?
That we tossed names for
Our babies unborn
I burst your pimples
I cleaned your toe nails
A fortnight ago
I did your dishes
On weekdays
And your laundry
Each Saturday

But you
Being the Seeing Eye dog that you are
Saw a juicy bone
And wandered off

Dear sisters
I warn you by the harsh harmattan winds
By the confluence of River Niger and River Benue

Don’t do like wife
When you are not yet wife
Don’t cook like wife
When you are not yet wife
Don’t spend like wife
Sleep like wife
Think you are wife
When you are not yet wife

But I was blind
Sweet sugar in his tea
And he, hot water
Crumbled me

One night I departed into the city
To seek the one my soul loves
Dispel of him the hoax
Cast upon him
To say to him,Return oh thou my love
I have made super
But no, it is not our last
Punched the feather pillow to shape
Sewn all the holes in the blanket

But the police men caught me
You are under arrest
Why are plying these streets
When all the street lamps are dead?

I seek the one I love
I said
And they laughed me to scorn
And detained me till morning

But I was blind
And you my Seeing Eye dog
You spotted that juicy bone
And ran away from me

Dear sisters
I warn you
By the scorching sun of the tropics
By the rainy nights of July

Do not kiss too long
With your eyes still shut

But I was blind
Scaffolding to ‘work in progress’
That is cut into pieces
And used for firewood.


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