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Friday, April 19, 2013

And I Shook The World From My First Day

I shook the world from my first day
As my cries awoke everyone in the ward
And each kid joined in the chorus
And they heralded my arrival

My sex dents their fa├žade
They want a boy
But I  forgive their myopia
For if they knew the bore greatness in their arms
They would have held me differently.
They would have spoken to me differently.

But I shook the world from my first day
With ear-splitting wails
Red in the skin
Mouth, a small black hole
And every one kid in that ward
Joined in the chorus
And they all heralded my arrival.


Oludipe Oyin said...

Affirmative... m-mm...*bright grin*

Kelechi Oriaku said...

If I were to title this poem, I would title it "My Birth". Great write, Uche.