An Invitation(A poem)


The hinges of your heart
Are rusted for want of opening
And I beseech you;
The sob stories
The staid details
The sad events
Do exorcise.

Tremble not in fear
Though the last time you told
You were dubbed statistics

You are much more than statistics
You are not another roadside accident
I watch with shaky heads and heaving shoulders
You are not a midnight guest I welcome grumbling.

Open the wound
The welt of the whiplash
Let me kiss
The scars of the red hot iron
The smear on you delicate skin
For if they lie hidden
Healing would rarely begin.

Share your dream seeds with me.
Plant them in the rich soil
Of our unbridled love
Water them with droplets of prayer

Whisper your deepest desire
That which you wish above all things
Let the warm breath of your voice
Play softly in my ears.


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