6 Short poems

I.                    TROUBLED MATRIMONY
She lays awake
In the dead of the night
Listening to his private noises
When love dies,
What happens to all the
‘I love you’

II.                  STREETSIDE EXCHANGE
I have mastered the art
Of giving the body
Without the heart

III.                TRUST
She calls aloud in the streets
She raises her voice to the public squares
‘Don’t you get it?
No man can earn me,
I speak from the stance of one
Who has come to see man
For whom he really is:
I am a gift to be given
Not a prize to be won.

IV.                LUST
Oh let me…
Let me count your teeth
With my tongue

V.                  TRUE LOVE
I love you
Deeply and sincerely
But my world does not revolve
Around you
You are not the air I breathe.
You are not the life of me.
If you walked away
I would hurt
But I must certainly survive.
If you decide to die
I’d mourn you
Put you in a wooden box
Dig a hole
And bury you.

And love again.

VI.                A LETTER FROM YOUR GIRL
Do become successful
It would make loving you a lot easier.
                              Yours sincerely.

(‘Street -side exchange’, ‘Lust’ and ‘True Love’ appeared first in Sentinel Nigeria Issue14;
‘Trust’ appeared in Sunday Sun Review January 2013)


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